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Get 20 Projects in Your Region

Get access to 20 projects in your region – including plans and specs – each month. Not only are our Dodge Select leads for contractors timely and accurate, but you’ll get weekly email alerts and a saved search to ensure you never miss a project.

Dodge Select is just $99 per month per region.

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With Dodge Select, you’ll:

  • Save time searching for projects with quick and easy access to the most projects out for bid in your region.
  • Find the leads you need with simple on-site filters so you can easily expand or narrow your search parameters to find your best projects.
  • Search on your terms. Search all you want and select up to 20 projects that you think are best for you. Each month. With no annual commitment.
  • Stay up-to-date throughout the construction bidding process with:
    • Email alerts on saved projects
    • Real-time updates to all selected projects.
  • Never miss a project. With reporters based in every major U.S. market, we have national coverage with local market presence – so we never miss a project and neither do you.
  • Trust your data is accurate. Our Dodge reporters have exclusive, long-term relationships with project contacts, so if there is an update to the project – you get it – resulting in over 5,000 project updates reported each day.
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Finding the right construction projects just got easier. Dodge Select helps you search and find more of the right projects for you with these Key Features:

  • Up to 20 Select Dodge Reports in Your Region Each Month. With the most complete and comprehensive project information in the industry, each Dodge Report contains up to 130 fields of data including:
    • Project details
    • Key contacts (with contact information)
    • Bidder’s list
    • Plans, specs, and addenda (when available)
  • Saved Search.: Always looking for the same types of projects? Set up a saved search to do your searching for you and get the results via email.
  • Weekly Projects of Interest Email. Whether you choose to set up your saved search or not, we’ll send you a list of local projects for you to browse each week.
  • Email Alerts on Tracked Projects. You’ll also be able to set up a tracked projects list. For each project on that list, you will get a real-time email alert when any of the project details are updated in our system.
  • Plans and Specs in PDF via eTakeoff: access to eTakeoff tools is free with purchase (a $500 value) allowing for easy viewing and sharing.
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