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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Browse our FAQ’s below to find the answer. Don’t see your question or have a technical issue? Call Customer Care at 1-800-393-6343 for additional support.

Getting Started

  • The Site has changed – What’s New?

    Besides giving the site a face lift, we’ve incorporated some great new features that will add value for you, our customer, and help you better manage your business. Here are just a few of the key benefits:

    • Get More Value from Your Leads – Plans and Specifications are now always included with every Dodge Report – when available. Even better, if you purchase a project that does not have plans and specs associated, if those plans and specs are added later – your project will be updated.
    • Spend Less Time Searching for Work – Not only do we have the most intuitive project search engine in the industry at the Dodge Lead Center, we’ve also launched a new service, Dodge Global Network that does the searching for you – delivering you targeted leads, customized by your trade and location.
    • New Subscription Products: We’ve re-shaped our offerings to give you exactly what you need: leads! We have two new products being sold on-site: Dodge Select and Dodge Global Network.
      Click here to get all the details on Dodge Global Network.
      Click here to learn more about Dodge Select
    • Flexible Subscriptions and Pricing that Better Meets Your Needs – You choose the right fit for you. Whether you want to purchase individual projects, a monthly, commitment-free subscription or a comprehensive lead service that saves you time throughout the bidding process – we have something that will work for you.
    • Dodge Quality Data: One thing that hasn’t changed… our data. The Dodge database includes 500,000 construction projects and 65,000 digitized plans compiled by a network of 400 reporters in 80 metropolitan areas across the U.S. You get national coverage with a local market presence so you never miss a project.
  • I already have a login for or another McGraw-Hill Construction service such as the Network. Do I need to
    re-register to use the Dodge Lead Center?

    If you are already a member of the McGraw-Hill Construction Network or and have a valid username and password, you can use that login for the Dodge Lead Center. To Register, click here.

  • Can I use the Dodge Lead Center on a Mac?

    The Dodge Lead Center is currently supported in a Microsoft Windows environment only.

  • What are the system and browser requirements to use Dodge Lead Center?

    We recommend using a Pentium based PC or later with a high speed Internet connection. Supported browsers are Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. For more on system and browser requirements, click here.


  • Do I need a subscription to use the Dodge Lead Center?

    No subscription is required to use the Dodge Lead Center, but with an account you may save a frequently used search and set up a tracking list so finding your next job on the Dodge Lead Center is faster and easier. To Subscribe, click here.

  • What features are available if I subscribe?

    A subscription to Dodge Select on the Dodge Lead Center allows you to get all the project details, plans, and specs on up to 20 projects in your region for one low cost each month. You’ll also get a saved search and tracking list you can use to manage your bids and find more projects to bid. Get all the details about Dodge Select here.

    Dodge Global Network delivers you targeted leads – customized by your trade and location. It also gives you unlimited access to all the projects, plans, and specs in your region plus access to business intelligence tools that help you qualify which projects are the best opportunities for you. Dodge Global Network also has simple Invitation to Bid tools that enable you to share plans and specs with your bid team so you can compile your bids more quickly and accurately. Get all the details about Dodge Global Network here.

  • Do I get access to the entire Dodge database with my subscription?

    The search at the Dodge Lead Center gives you a 30 day window to all of the jobs that are bidding.

    Dodge Global Network gives you a much larger window, giving you all projects in the Dodge database that are in the bidding stage – even if more than 30 days out.

    If you need access to additional action stages such as Planning and Pre-Planning projects, contact a Dodge expert at 1-877-903-1909 to learn about our other Dodge Products.

  • Which regions are available for my Dodge Select subscription?

    Dodge Select offers customers a choice of six regions:

    West: AK, CA, HI, NV, OR and WA
    South Central: AL, CO, KY, LA, MS, OK, TN,TX
    Mountain: AZ, ID, MT, NM, UT, WY
    North East: CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI and VT
    South East: DC, DE, FL, GA, MD, NC, SC, VA and WV
    Mid West: IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, SD and WI

  • Once I subscribe, how soon will my subscription be activated?

    Since Dodge Select subscriptions are fulfilled on the Dodge Lead Center site, they are activated immediately.

    Dodge Global Network subscriptions are activated within 1 business day. Once your account is live, you will receive an email with your activation instructions so you can log on to your account at:

  • Does my subscription include access to plans, specs, or addenda?

    Yes. Plans, specs, and addenda are included with all purchases at the Dodge Lead Center - when available. If you purchase a project that does not have plans and specs and they are added to Dodge later, your project will be updated with this information in "My Account."

  • If I do not renew my subscription, will I be able to access my previous purchased Dodge Reports?

    We recommend you download or print any information you wish to keep prior to cancelling your subscription. Once your renewal cancellation takes effect, you will no longer have access to previously viewed reports.

  • What happens to project views that I don’t use at the end of each billing cycle?

    Your unused project views accumulate each month and remain available for the duration of your subscription. There is a maximum of 1-year of accumulated roll-over views that will stay in your account (i.e., 240). Once you reach this threshold, you will accumulate no more views until views are used. If you cancel your subscription, unused project views will be lost.

  • Can I restart my subscription after I cancel?

    Yes! You may restart your subscription at any time. If you restart your subscription within 30 days of cancellation, access to all of your saved information and any accumulated views will be available. If more than 30 days lapse in your subscription, you will lose access to previously saved information and any accumulated views will expire.

  • Can I search for projects outside my subscription geography?

    The Dodge Lead Center allows you to search for projects within all regions of the country, whenever you like. However, with your Dodge Select and Dodge Global Network subscriptions, you’ll have access to the full Dodge Reports, Plans and Specs in your region(s) only.

    However, if you are interested in a service that allows you to search and access full Dodge Reports, Plans and Specs across multiple regions, call 1-877-903-1909 or email us at to speak with a Dodge expert who can help you decide which service is right for you.

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