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In an effort to enhance our business strategy and sharpen bidding opportunities during these difficult economic times, Industria recently purchased Dodge BidPro. Within minutes of account activation, we found three opportunities to bid in our specialty market, and were able to send proposals that afternoon. BidPro is user friendly and incredibly fast. The ability to access thousands of projects and invite and share bid documents is literally at our fingertips. I expect BidPro to help increase sales while saving time and office overhead expenditures.
by David Rambhajan President, Industria, Inc.

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$59.00 Per Project Starting at $1,118Annual Prepaid Per Region
Project Access Projects bidding in next 30 days only All Bidding Projects - includes Plans, Specs
Number of Projects 1 Unlimited
Advanced Search Checked Checked
Digital Plans and Specs Checked Checked
Searchable Specs Checked Checked
Real-time Project Updates Checked Checked
Weekly Email List of Local Projects Checked Checked
Key Contact Information and Bidders Lists Checked Checked
A Saved Search   Checked
Tracked Project Alerts   Checked
Targeted Leads Delivered By Trade and Location   Checked
Mobile App (NEW!)   Checked
Multiple Tracked Project Lists and Saved Searches   Checked
Invitation to Bid Tools/ Online Plan Sharing   Checked
Trade Quick-links from Report to Specs   Checked
Up to 5 Users Per Account   Checked
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