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Dodge BidPro is easy to navigate as I look from project to project – and within a project I can easily send out bid invites, get added to a bid list, or just review the bid documents. Having the search defined makes it very easy to find relevant bids, and I like the interface. The menus or options on the left of the screen always let you know where you are and how to get to the next screen (i.e., reports, bidders, plans, etc.). The Invitation to Bid option makes it very easy to send out quick invites to my subcontractors and to get them all of the information they will need to bid the project. It saves me time that I need to bid and run the projects. Overall, I believe we are more efficient in finding projects to bid as well as getting information and bid invitations to subcontractors.
by Joe Alldredge Estimator/Project Manager, Warner & Associates Construction

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