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Dodge BidPro Customer Testimonials

We can show you how Dodge BidPro works, but how well will it work for your business? Here we let the real experts, our customers, reveal how Dodge BidPro has helped them save time, bid more effectively, and improve business efficiency.

"Exactly what I need"

“I spend about 30 minutes every morning on BidPro checking the leads. I have them delivered straight to my phone. BidPro filters exactly what projects I need, which saves time sifting through a laundry list of projects. I can send links to suppliers for price requests, which is fantastic, and you can’t ask for more.”

—Bill Guin, Project Manager, SafeAire

"Quick one-stop-shop for finding leads"

“BidPro, for me, is a quick one-stop-shop for finding leads. It saves me time from searching through so many other websites. I receive updates through my email, but I normally check in once a week to use the filtered searches. It’s convenient to use and helpful for all my employees using it.”

—Mark Westmorland, Inside Sales/Technical, Control Products, Inc.

“Within minutes of account activation, we found three opportunities to bid…”

“In an effort to enhance our business strategy and sharpen bidding opportunities during these difficult economic times, Industria recently purchased Dodge BidPro. Within minutes of account activation, we found three opportunities to bid in our specialty market, and were able to send proposals that afternoon. BidPro is user friendly and incredibly fast. The ability to access thousands of projects and invite and share bid documents is literally at our fingertips. I expect BidPro to help increase sales while saving time and office overhead expenditures.”

—David Rambhajan, President, Industria, Inc.

“Easy to navigate… Saves time I need to bid and run the projects”

“It is easy to navigate as I look from project to project, and within a project I can easily send out bid invites, get added to a bid list, or just review the bid documents. Having the search defined makes it very easy to find relevant bids, and I like the interface. The menus or options on the left of the screen always let you know where you are and how to get to the next screen (i.e., reports, bidders, plans, etc.). The Invitation to Bid option makes it very easy to send out quick invites to my subcontractors and to get them all of the information they will need to bid the project. It saves me time that I need to bid and run the projects. Overall, I believe we are more efficient in finding projects to bid as well as getting information and bid invitations to subcontractors.”

—Joe Alldredge, Estimator/Project Manager, Warner & Associates Construction

“Makes it easier to find projects”

“The project specialty alerts definitely make it easier to find the projects I want and need to be looking at and bidding on.”

—Robert Gray, Commercial Projects Coordinator, Waterquest, Inc.

“We were on the cusp of buying another service when…”

“We were on the cusp of buying another service when we took a look at Dodge's new BidPro product. By comparison, the other service would have required us to engage in the time-consuming task of wading through way too many projects that were useless to us. We immediately recognized BidPro as the superior product and signed up. We're planning for some changes this year to the projects and relationships we pursue, and we recognize Dodge as the leader—‘top of the heap’— to help us succeed.”

—Paul Gray, President, Gray & Company Painting

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