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Why Dodge

Why Choose Dodge As Your Construction Lead Service?

Dodge Data & Analytics data is the standard for construction information and intelligence because of its breadth, depth, timeliness and accuracy.

We help our customers bid more and win more with:

  • Nearly 400 newsgathering reporters and correspondents in more than 80 major metro areas across the U.S.
  • Reporters that call on 35,000 industry sources each year, personally, and cover 150,000 sources overall
  • Local, regional and national reporting – so you never miss a project
  • Half a million projects annually with 5,500 daily updates
  • Over 65,000 digitized plans and specs each year
  • More than 60% of the coveted private work projects in the GB category
  • One-third of all projects in the early planning stage

This level of excellence has also enabled Dodge to be the sole private provider of construction starts and project data analysis to the U.S. Census Bureau, supporting the federal government’s monthly estimate of construction spending, a key input to GDP.

With the success of your business at stake, don’t you want to use the best?

Learn more about what makes Dodge the best construction lead service for your business.

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